Information technology is an important part of any business. However, especially for smaller organisations, this would require having intensive financial and human resources as there is a need to invest in key technologies and in the expertise of the person who will be handling the IT needs of the business. With such, we are here to extend a helping hand. We can provide you with a wealth of managed IT services. Allow us to take care of managing your IT infrastructure and concentrate on managing your business instead. We will provide you with comprehensive services to reduce operational costs and improve the quality of service in general.

Business Email

“Email is important in any business because it facilitates internal and external communication, including dissemination of information, press releases, and marketing, among others. We make it easy for you to handle day-to-day management of your chosen email platform, such as Office 365 Online and Google Business Gmail, guaranteeing simplicity and efficiency in business communication.”


Because of the reliability and importance of business emails, we guarantee an uptime of 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Compared to having an in-house server, you will benefit from the lower cost of our service because you only have to pay based on what you will use. Aside from cost savings, other benefits include reduction of IT demand and increasing efficiency of business operations. Plans start as low as $40 per user annually.


Our email services guarantee the highest level of protection against threats like malware, viruses, and spams.


As long as there is internet, authorized users can have access to business emails regardless if they’re using computers or mobile devices.


For increased access and better productivity, we help integrate business emails with other cloud-based and local application(s).

Enterprise Security

“This is important as it reflects the strategy of the company to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to information technology systems and data, which is why we offer services such as protection against malicious threats.”

Firewall Protection

Our software and hardware-based firewall solutions can improve the resiliency of your business through the prevention of security breaches.We are experts in Cisco and SonicWALL, among others choices for firewall protection.

Virus/Malware/ Spam Protection

We offer centralized and up-to-date protection to ensure the safeguarding of workstations and servers.

Data Protection

We audit and provide recommendations to protect your sensitive data.

Application/ Website Protection

We secure internet-facing data and web-based applications, including your website, making sure they will be free from data loss and attacks.

Server & Desktop Protection

We can also provide periodic scanning to protect servers and desktops from security problems.

Managed Backup

“With state-of-the-art data centres, we will provide you with managed data backup services, with the goal of offering protection from errors that can be possibly committed internally and from power failures.”


We ensure that backed up data will be secured, encrypted, and will be accessed only by users that you have authorized.


We also offer full auditability and reporting on all backups to meet compliance needs.


Our service is extremely reliable and utilises a robust architecture, which will ensure recoverability of data.


With our competitive rates, you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy reliable managed backup services that can help your enterprise in ways more than one.

Hardware Management

“Through our hardware management services, we will not only take care of hardware setup and deployment but will also make sure they are properly monitored to ensure everything is working properly.”

Failure Monitoring

We will help in monitoring any problems or failures with different hardware parts to ensure they will not disrupt business operations in any way.

Setup and Deployment

We also have professionals who will help in setting up and deploying hardware.


Through our cloud-based PBX, it will be easier to manage remote workers and other telecommuting needs of your business.

Smart Devices Management

“According to experts, smartphones are now taking over laptops and computers, which make them more useful in business settings. It’s like having a pocket computer where you can access anything anytime and perform multiple functions.”


We use the latest technology to execute state-of-the-art protection for the smart devices used for the business.


We make it easy for all smart devices relevant to your company to be linked to a cloud, which will make it easy to manage and back up large files.

Migration & Setup

We can help in transferring data from your current system to our Gmail/Office 365 email servicesto increase accessibility and availability.

Data Backups

We provide protection against unexpected loss of data in your smart devices by having devices automatically backed up all the time.

Infrastructure Support

“Infrastructure is essential for your business because they connect the different stakeholders with each other. Our support management services can help your business overcome hurdles that may appear.”

Server/Firewall/ Network Support

We have highly trained workers who constantly monitors & manage your server(s), firewall, and network.  We make sure everything is up to date.

Desktop Support

Whether it be hardware or software issues, our support staff will tend to your needs.  Just send us an email or contact us by phone and we’ll get to work on resolving your needs right away.

Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam Support

With more and more new viruses floating around the internet and spam coming in everyday, it becomes more difficult to safeguard your systems.  You can count on us to protect your systems as we make sure anti-virus/anti-spam software are always updated.

24/7 Monitoring

“We offer round-the-clock monitoring for our clients, providing them with the assistance they need when it comes to business email, security, and hardware.”


If there is any problem with the server, we will report them and start working on the issues reported by our monitoring system.


We also make sure that any problem you have with applications will be given immediate attention to prevent such from causing bigger problems.


“Today, organizations are challenged with complex infrastructures, network and data security, which are difficult to maintain. With this, we will help in auditing these facets of operations and make sure they will not cause you any problem.”

Infrastructure Audit

We can perform infrastructure audit to let you know if there is any problem with your current IT architecture.

Network Audit

We can also carry out an assessment of the performance of your network elements and provide recommendations on how they can be improved.

Security Audit

Through this, we will help you to learn more about the different security threats that can confront your business, how they will affect your operations, and how they can be handled effectively.

Data Security Audit

Through an analysis of how information is relayed within the organisation, we can help to achieve improved security.

Cloud Administration

“Managing the cloud can prove to be complicated, especially in the absence of expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, which is why we are here to lend a helping hand.”

Security Audit

Through this, we will help you to learn more about the different security threats that can confront your business, how they will affect your operations, and how they can be handled effectively.

Cloud Assessment

We will help you in the objective analysis of whether or not you can benefit from cloud computing.

Cloud Security

Most organisations, specifically those unfamiliar with cloud technology, are sceptic about its use because of fear of security threats. We manage cloud security.

Cloud Setup

We will help you migrate your system, data and so on securely to a cloud server whether it be a public, private or a hybrid setup.

Cloud Administration

Configuration and maintenance of the cloud platform will also be taken care of by us, eliminating the need for your business to hire a specialist to handle such responsibilities.

faster Disaster Recovery

Compared to traditional methods, cloud-based methods can be quicker in terms of adding, upgrading, downgrading, and removing machines.

Virtualization Management

“Virtualization technologies like VMWare, Windows HyperV, OpenVZ and Xen require a well-planned approach in order to determine how to manage its complexities.”

Centralized Management

Virtualization makes it possible for different applications to be centrally managed, which will help in cost reduction and enhancing productivity.


Through standardization,management of infrastructure becomes a lot easier because there are fewer differences that should be dealt upon. It also simplifies and consolidates different processes.

Faster Deployment

Server and desktop virtualization can offer non-disruptive and quicker deployment, both of which are essential in enhancing business productivity.

Automated Task

Automation, as a result of virtualization, will make it easy for you to do more with the computing resources that you currently have. Since it automates the task, costs are reduced, and results can be delivered quicker.

Greater Redundancy

Through virtualization technologies, you will enjoy significant improvements in uptime and security while simultaneously minimizing the points of contact.

Security Audit

Our virtualization services also make it possible for data to be managed in a manner that is secured from internal and external threats.

Faster Disaster Recovery

Through the virtualization of IT resources, it becomes easier and quicker to recover any corrupted or virus/malware infected environment back to its original setup in a matter of minutes.

Cost Savings

When virtualization is implemented within the company, it means that you are not required to use a different server for individual applications, and hence, reducing overhead costs. It leads into hardware consolidation and hence, the benefit of cost efficiency.